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The Innocent Murderer:Chapter 3-Wallows in the Mud
I had my day planned out ahead of me. I needed to find her family. Had she mentioned me to family?  Friends? Described me? Told them she was off to find me before she vanished? I need to be perfectly certain I’m safe and sound. Safe.
I made my way over to where I had seen her leave her apparent run down house near the woman workhouses. Looking over my shoulder to make sure no was one watching, I hoisted myself up to reach the tiny window that stood above my head.
As I listened outside the window, I overheard what must have been a friend, a friend sticking up for her drunken acts, a friend saying “She were sober as a judge, I swear it. She weren’t no prostitute! She dedn’t take no drugs, and only ever got a tad drunk. You gotta’ catch’im, officer! ‘m shettin’ me bloomers!"
I shifted slightly, a smile making its way to my lips. Liar. She was a drunken prostitute, that's why her husband left her and stopped supplying her with money. A m
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The Innocent Murderer:Chapter2-Killer in our Midst
Whitechapel witnesses woman’s demise
By Susanne Catherine
33rd August 1888
On the 31st August, a woman, Mary Ann Nichols, age 45 was found viciously murdered in a dark alley across from Essex Wharf in a gateway entrance to Brown’s stable yard by PC John Neil.
Starting today, Scotland Yard police are organizing ‘daily searches’ for the notorious killer.  Sargent Thomas Moore and Officer Daniel Hadley describe the gruesome state she was discovered in, “"Five teeth were missing, and there was a small gash in the tongue. There was a bruise running along the lower part of the jaw on the right side of the face, possibly caused by pressure from a thumb, as well as a bruise on the left side of her face. On the left side of the neck, about 1 inch below the jaw, there was an incision about 4 inches in length, and ran from a point immediately below the ear. On the same side, yet a small size across was a jagged, circular laceratio
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The Innocent Murderer: Chapter one-Halo of Blood
It’s sort of a... strange feeling, I suppose. Walking along the street, hiding a knife underneath your coat. Hiding a death gleam in your eyes, a smirk behind your smile. Knowing someone is going to die at your hands tonight. Knowing that you're going to end a life, and for what? For an almost…indifferent soul, waiting for revenge. Knowing you are out of their reach.
Perhaps forever.
That’s what.
From the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one. The one I was going to kill.
Her name was Mary Ann Nichols. A drunkard, to say the least. You couldn’t call her ‘pretty’, I suppose- but nor could you name her ugly. A very plain young lady, who I was guessing could have been in her thirties at least. I suppose I could have asked her, but it’s impolite to inquire a ladies age. Her eyes were a deep brown, her complexion dark, and she had several teeth already gone. Her features were delicate- accented by high cheekbones. Her hair was beginning the decen
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Because I love you
                                 Because I love you
When you fall down
You need someone to be there
To pick you off the ground.
I'll be there.
You shouldn't be ashamed.
I mean,
Even the best fall down sometimes.
I've been there.
Except with you it's different.
While there was no one there to pick me off the ground
I'll always be there for you.
I promise.
Through the high and the lows
The ups and the downs,
I always be there
To pick you off the ground.
To wipe away your tears
And bring sunlight to your days
And I'm kinda scared to say it
But I'll say it anyway.
It's because
I Love You.
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There's skeletons in my closet.
Not one, not two, not three.
There's skeletons in my closet.
They're chasing after me.
There's skeletons in my closet.
More than four or five or six!
How many skeletons fit in a closet?
It must be quite a fit.
There's monsters under my bed.
How many I dare not count.
But their leering face is loathsome,
And they hate me with every ounce.
There's ghosts in the nooks and crannies.
There's eight, no, nine, wait, ten!
They shake and moan and rattle,
And they repeat it again and again.
There's secrets inside that headache.
There's tears behind that smile.
There's Anger behind the innocence.
And there's monsters in that denial.
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God, how many pictures of myself do I need? by MyChemicalRomance863 God, how many pictures of myself do I need? :iconmychemicalromance863:MyChemicalRomance863 0 3
Mature content
Transformers Vaentine! :iconmychemicalromance863:MyChemicalRomance863 6 7
Me,Moi,Myself The Twoth by MyChemicalRomance863 Me,Moi,Myself The Twoth :iconmychemicalromance863:MyChemicalRomance863 0 0
How It Could Have Been Pt4
Amanda's P.O.V
I heard Jack coming downstairs a few minutes later, moving as quietly as possible so as to sneak by me.  I briefly wondered if it was because he was embarrassed, but then was distracted, for I remembered that Jack didn't have breakfast. And he was not leaving the house without it.
I looked at Jack as he walked past the door. He saw me and instantly started looking round for ways to escape. "Where do you think you're going without breakfast, Mr. Goldstein?" I asked, making to stand up.
Jack said nothing, and his beautiful eyes rested on the door handle. My own eyes travelled to the door handle as well, and it took me a full second to realize what he was going to do. Jack leaned into the room, grabbed hold of the door handle, gave me a sweet, innocent smile and slammed the door shut.  By the time I had rolled my eyes at his childish behaviour, and stood up and opened the door, Jack had already left the house.
Bearing the look of an overworked mother, I
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Poem One
The time is coming, the time you'll wish you never lived to see.
The time I make you hurt like the times you have hurt me
The day is sneaking closer, the day I'll lose control
And on the day that comes, No one will be on your patrol.
Ha. Ha. The time is nearing. It's your destiny
One day you'll fall begging, lower then my knees
The one day you'll be sincerely begging, begging for your death
But I will never be so kind. You'll unleash my tempest.
Heh. Heh. The time is nearing. You can feel it in your bones
I'm getting bigger, stronger, after a while, who knows?
I can kill you with a knife in twenty different ways
You better start preparing. This is a battle phase
Hmmn. The time is close now. I can feel your every breath
Slow, painful, anxious, awaiting a torturous death
A death where I will skin you, to your very bones
And use your measly skeleton as dog food in my zones.
I know the time is coming. I'm sure you know that too
I'm sure you know, the day is close, I will kill you
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How It Could Have Been Pt3.
Jack's P.O.V
I went downstairs, and tried my best to sneak past Amanda, who I know would insist on making me have breakfast. She looked up just as I passed the door.
"Where do you think you're going without breakfast, Mr. Goldstein?" She inquired.
Thinking fast, I leaned into the room, grabbed the door handle, flashed a smile at Amanda and slammed the door shut.  I quickly left my house and walked down the streets. In my hurry, I hadn't combed my hair, and it was still a tousled mess. I was too busy to notice that though.
I was walking past the local Tavern, when a few men ran out and grabbed my arms.
I recognised them all, boys from my pickpocketing clan in my youth. We'd eat together, sleep together, play together, and practically live together. They were the family I never had. One we used to know as cock-snapper (He was the tallest, and always kicked the policemen right in the cock when in trouble. He'd boast that he probably snapped  them in two. Hence the name
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How It Could Have Been Pt2
Amanda's P.O.V
I had snuck into Jacks house last night. Just because I was female, does not mean I don't remember a few tricks from my childhood!
I paced around his house, trying to resist climbing the stairs. After an hour or so, I gave in and silently climbed the steps leading to his bedroom.
I reached the top, having made no noise, and rewarded myself by opening Jacks door.
The moonlight shone from the window, where the curtains were not closed over. The room was neat and organized but old. It was his parents' room.  Jack's face was illuminated by the light, his black hair tousled and his eyes gently closed. He was snoring softly, and he was beautiful. "Mother" He muttered, turning his face away from me. He was sleeping in his clothes, which were crumpled and twisted. A smile crept across my face, as I crept into his room.
I knelt beside the bed, and turned his face toward me. His mouth was closed, and his soft lips looked almost…inviting. Without thinking, my face le
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How It Could Have Been Pt1.
How it could have been…
Jack's P.O.V
I came downstairs to get myself another shirt from the washing line. I wasn't killing Elizabeth Stride until this evening, so a white shirt would do until then.
To my upmost embarrassment, however, upon coming downstairs, I found Amanda sitting on my settee, reading. My face flushed with embarrassment as Amanda looked up from her book and looked at me. Her jaw dropped slightly and I slipped quickly to the washing line, grabbing an unironed shirt and struggling to put in on.
I knew what she was looking at. The muscles on my chest and stomach were extremely well toned, if I do say so myself. I had worked on them since a young age. They came in handy when fighting.
I buttoned up my shirt just to figure I had buttoned it wrong. "Damn!"  Amanda calmly walked up and undid my shirt, rebuttoning it right this time. I avoided looking at her and kept averting my gaze, my face still red. She started to tuck my shirt in, and I jumped back "I-I ca
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Descent into Madness II-Amanda
Descent Into Madness II  (Amanda's Reply)
Jack, my dear
Now you are gone
To me will pass
The Descent Into Madness
I don't know what to do
Everything is talking
I wish I could have helped you
And you could have helped me
With my Descent Into Madness
This is really frightening me
I can't hang on much more
Not with your bleeding body
Lying on the floor.
Your knife!
To me it's speaking
Saying "Come to me, dear Amanda,
The things you will be seeing!"
Oh help! It's like a devil!
The Evil in its voice!
But still I can't resist it
I have no heart to make a choice.
How could you be so calm, my Jack?
So collected in this mess?
Your death is what really caused
This Descent Into Madness.
Jack, I'm alone in fear.
Crying over you.
If only you were here right now
You'd know what to do.
How strange! I can hear your voice!
Underneath the sounds
Telling me to cope with this
It's me that is spellbound.
I cannot take this anymore
I'm taking the knife, going out!
One last kiss on your cold dead l
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Descent into Madness -JTR-
                   Descent Into Madness (Jack The Ripper- Suicide Note)
When things go bad
And Time lets you down,
You'll least expect it
The Descent Into Madness.
Your mind goes numb
All objects start talking
But you can't control it
Your Descent Into Madness.
You won't do it on purpose
Fall in Love
Kill a Man
It's all a part
Of that Descent Into Madness.
But when the time comes
To judge your deeds
God shan't have mercy on me, nor on
My Never Ending Madness.
It's all Her Goddamned fault
This wasn't meant to happen!
I didn't mean to do this
It's all part of my Descent Into Madness.
I'm sorry, Dear Amanda
I'm so sorry, my sweet
But when you go to heaven
I doubt our souls shall meet.
Yours unfaithfully,
Jack The Ripper xx
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Mindless spring days running by
Time is locked
The heat is high
Scars and cuts run down my thigh
I am mindless
I am cold
I am command less
I am a lost soul
They are strong
And powerful
Masters of mystery
Power hides behind
To think of evil
And compromise.
Autumn comes quick-rushing by
My eyes are closed
My head is high
I do not have the guts to sigh
I am dead
But held alive
A ghostly figure
Surrounds your mind
Reminding sadly of old times
Winter comes, crawling past
I am freezing
made of glass
Unloved, uncared for
A stone for a heart
Freezing along the winter path
I am silent
The deadly truth
I have an offer to dispute
Love me once
But love me true
And I shall tell the truth to you
I have no friends
No family
Those who used to adore me
Now ignore me
I have one thing to say.
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Epic Keys by Drayok Epic Keys :icondrayok:Drayok 39,089 1,800 Sonadow - Recovery by BlueNeedle-Inu Sonadow - Recovery :iconblueneedle-inu:BlueNeedle-Inu 1,298 214
Monsters and Demons
I think I'm pretty,
Don’t even think that.
I think I'm thin,
But you’re actually fat.
I think my friends
like me
No they don’t, they loathe you.
If fact, no one likes you!
You’re stupid,
You’re worthless,
You’re pathetic.
A freak!
Why are you so mean
to me?
To you!?
I am the voice,
Inside your head,
That makes you scream.
I am the monster,
That crawls into your heart,
And gnaws on it,
Until you bleed.
Until you cut.
Until you swallow
The internals of your poisons,
Tiny pill by tiny pill.
Until you fall asleep,
But never wake up.
Then I am finally silent.
But yet you’ve ignore me.
I have?
Sometimes you have.
Some days you go on,
Like I am never the bit of fragment
Of the sick twisted imaginat
:icongoddessofthearts:goddessofthearts 402 74
Mature content
Dead Eyes :iconmidnightfaery:midnightfaery 80 79
A darkness in her
Dear boy, it seems that you're falling,
Falling for a girl with dark eyes, dark hair
And though she tries to hide it , deny it,
She has a dark soul
She will never admit it, but you shine a light
On the darkness that she keeps locked away
Hey fear, anger and sadness are masked by a smile
And a carefree laugh
We all have a darkness, you might say
But is it not shameful to have
A place inside you consumed by fear, desperation, lust,
Love, and greed?
She cries now, crying because she thinks you're falling for her
And she will break you, intentionally, into shards of child-like love
Because there's only so far a heart can stretch
And 7,657 miles is probably too far
She hopes that you can stay strong, but at the same time
She hopes that you are feeling the same dark desire
To never see her leave
Like she will
Boy, if you are falling
Don't look into her eyes
Because those dark eyes will absorb you
Into a universe of love
:iconsoul-singing:Soul-singing 9 6
No Escape
Tried pressing escape
Still Sitting here...
:iconbatmanwithbunnyears:BatmanWithBunnyEars 1,309 248
Be Careful by antontang Be Careful :iconantontang:antontang 38,345 2,989 +Sonadow Wallpaper+ by DeathGoddess1995 +Sonadow Wallpaper+ :icondeathgoddess1995:DeathGoddess1995 196 17 G1 VS Bayformers: Starscream by MikeOrion G1 VS Bayformers: Starscream :iconmikeorion:MikeOrion 171 57 Daily Life by Ennokni Daily Life :iconennokni:Ennokni 51,602 5,426 I don't even... by GerardWaysavedmylife I don't even... :icongerardwaysavedmylife:GerardWaysavedmylife 43 12 ZOMBIE SPIDERMAN by RM73 ZOMBIE SPIDERMAN :iconrm73:RM73 3,167 291 Zombie by GENZOMAN Zombie :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 4,396 303 Insomnia. by citylight-skylines Insomnia. :iconcitylight-skylines:citylight-skylines 368 53 Smosh - Friendship Always Wins by MusicFreak100 Smosh - Friendship Always Wins :iconmusicfreak100:MusicFreak100 1,356 131 Operation Iron Man by Slinkers Operation Iron Man :iconslinkers:Slinkers 1,965 335



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